You Have The Money, You Have The Success But What Is Next?

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If this question has been plaguing you recently, then this is the article for you.

It’s the road map to what’s next. It’s not for the faint-hearted nor is it what you think. In fact far from it. Let me first explain why you are asking this question at this stage in your life.

Well let’s think, you are a man who has worked all his life, hard! I mean really hard. Most likely you have come from humble beginnings which has been the driving force to getting you where you are. Like my client, the semi-retired CEO of a multi-million dollar car sales company from the UK. His driving force was his family saying to him, ’nothing good will come of you, we know our place.’ Or maybe you came from a single-parent family and your driving force was,’ to provide your mum with what she couldn’t, and more.’

Either way, these humble beginnings are what have motivated you to work against all the odds and become the successful man you are today, financially that is. This is most people’s measure of success and yours up until now. Money.

See, when you have it all it never feels like you have it all when you get there. It always feels like you are plagued with ‘what’s missing?’ Or ‘what’s next?’ Life can become pretty unsatisfying.

What's next after money and success?

Know that you are not alone, it is much more common than you think. In fact, literally, every successful (millionaire) that I have worked with starts here. Hence me writing this article because I was thinking if this is recurring for the 1% of the men that dare to invest to fix this problem, then it must be a problem for most.

My aim here is to give you a surface overview in this short article as to why this occurs and some key strategies on how to fix it. Please note this is just the tip of the iceberg – this work is deep and can take hours if you dare. It is complex and yet very rewarding.

Back to the article, I am going to attempt to simplify:

  1. Why don’t you feel successful despite you having it all on paper.
  2. What the dissatisfaction is all about
  3. How to address the discomfort.

Ok so why you don’t feel successful is really simple. Are you ready?

When was the last time you noticed and celebrated your achievements without thinking…

‘Now that is done, what next?’

Don’t brush over this question. I want you to really think about it, Let it land big time!

The reason you don’t feel successful is because you don’t pay it any attention. The moment you have it you dismiss it. It’s like buying a Lamborghini and then never driving it or taking it out of the garage! Pointless ever 1. Having it 2. Working so hard for it.

The reason why we don’t celebrate is because somewhere in our psyche we were told not to ‘show off’. Am I right or am I right?

Ok so next, ‘Why the feeling of dissatisfaction?’

Well, again this is simple. How can you feel satisfaction over something you have never noticed? If you didn’t appreciate the joy of having the Lamborghini then how the hell are you going to be satisfied? See how important celebration and appreciation is?

Finally, ‘How to address the what next feeling?’

Well not to oversimplify it. But the is all stems from the habit of chasing the dream. Except the only problem with chasing the dream is, what happens when you chase something? Does it stop to let you catch it or does it keep running? It keeps running right!

So stop chasing. Be patient and allow it to come to you. It is really hard when you have been so used to doing and not being. The truth is, the things in your life that you have been most successful with have come to you when you least expect them. Take a moment to think back, Is it a coincidence or not? You have to stand still and trust and enjoy the pause and wait for it to come to you when you least expect it.

I know what you are thinking.

  • It can’t be that simple
  • How the hell do I stop!

And there lies the work. Unpacking old behaviors but boy once you do the work the ROI is exponential – I am talking 800%+ no joke!

That is not even considering a level of satisfaction you start to experience that you never even thought was possible!

So cool to witness successful men feel a fulfillment, peace and freedom in their lives they have never felt!

Truly this is possible for you in no time if you are prepared to put the effort, time and money behind it. The real question is

‘Do you believe you are worth the investment in you?”

Now that is a whole nother article.

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