Women Who Trap and Manipulate Men

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This blog was written because I realised that I had been unconsciously doing this for years.

Women who manipulate men

I had been taught by society that it is normal to manipulate men and to talk of men like they are idiots. In fact, I am so ashamed to admit when my daughter was 5 and she asked what does daddy do? I would reply, ‘he is a layabout!’ Ouch!

This was because I didn’t understand what he was doing, not that he was working all hours to find a way to make money to provide for us. I would be one of those women that would say, ’bloody men!’ ‘it’s typical, only a man would do that!’

In this blog, I am going to lead by example and firstly take full responsibility for my bad behavior and secondly explain why it happens and how to solve it.

Deep breath here goes…..

To all the gentlemen that have been manipulated by a woman.

I am sorry.

To all the gentlemen who have closed their hearts because of this.

I am sorry.

To all the gentlemen who competed with their women to maintain their manhood.

I am sorry.

Women manipulate not because they like to, but because of a fear of losing control.

The loss of control means not being safe and not feeling safe is the biggest fear for women. We get taught from an early age to manipulate so we see this as a way of protecting ourselves. If we keep you small, then we are safe. However, the problem with this is we are never taught the damage it does to you. We are never shown the impact it could have on the people we love.

I manipulated for years.

I wondered why he felt disconnected, He needed to feel safe too.

Every time we manipulate ladies, he feels unsafe.

We don’t understand the impact gentlemen.

We are asleep to what is really going on for you, this doesn’t make it right. Now I know some women are very awake to their behavior and this is where the damage occurs in relationships.

The key here is ladies hurting men to keep them small is not going to keep us safe. If we want a man to protect us and provide love and security we need to source it within ourselves first. We must learn to love all parts of ourselves and know and trust that most healthy men will protect an genuine authentic women. The more we manipulate the less likely men will trust us!

Men desire trust and safety too! It’s not just a women’s thing!

Gentleman if you want a woman who doesn’t manipulate, you need to find strength within you to respect you first by being clear on your boundaries and following through on your gut instinct. Even if you run the risk of losing her. If she can’t respect you then she is not the one. But in order to find out, you need to respect yourself first.

Gentlemen, I appreciate you for putting up with the manipulation and know you have a choice. You don’t have to anymore. There is another way but it takes courage to speak your truth. To follow your gut instinct.

Gentlemen your gut instinct is designed as your barometer for truth, honor and respect for you, for her and for all.

The result of you speaking your truth is you will gain her respect and trust and she won’t feel the need to manipulate because she will feel you got her back. And best of all you gain your own self-respect and trust!

Are you ready to reclaim your balls?

Reclaiming your manhood at the same time.

Gentlemen this is written with such honor and love for you. Rise my beautiful men, rise. The world needs strong powerful mature leaders.

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