Why Vick Tipnes’ business grew by 273% when he got married.

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I believe that successful happy marriages are the foundation of success for all high net worth individuals, and my 5 step method on where we go wrong and how to fix marriages proves that. 

Firstly I want to honour the inspiration behind this blog, Vick Tipnes’ reel. You can find him on instragram @vicktipnes 


The first time I came across Vick Tipnes was today. I was surfing IG and I was instantly inspired and respectful to understand more about this soul lead Brit /Floridian. So what did I do?

Of course I went straight to google,  and before I did, I would have guessed this man came from nothing and made his millions with hard graft, tenacity beyond belief and core family values. He seems a no nonsense and straight talking humble guy. So why this blog?

Well, I am sure Vick is in agreement. I wanted to extend this most powerful conversation because frankly he talks facts and truth about the power of a great marriage.


This partnership is so undervalued and its return on investment (ROI) is only correlated by wise men and women.

I believe there is, and have witnessed with my learned curious high net worth clients, a direct correlation between improving marriage and success in life not just business but very much inclusive of business. To the point where I wonder why more relationship coaches aren’t hired to improve the revenue in businesses. Vick talks about his revenue increasing 273% in 3 years after getting married. He talks of,

‘if you look at the most successful people in the world, they have one girl and a solid girl and the reason they do that is because it creates such a stable place to operate,’

‘Creating a home life for me to operate and a place to relax and rejuvenate, my life force.’

‘One person to support you and help you so you can focus on the bigger task, you can’t put a price on that.’


So let’s dig deeper and explore why?

Why did Vick’s business grow by 278% when he got married? Can we just ask what other intervention would give you this ROI? Side note.

Coming from being married to a successful serial entrepreneur and not being the most supportive wife and nearly losing the love of my life, has taught me these life lessons and is the reason why I work with global thought leaders to improve their marriages and awaken them to the infinite potentials open for them to create.

I was that ‘bitch from hell’ wife, I make no apologies because I turned my life around through being on the brink of divorce and saved our marriage of 28 years. Resulting in both our businesses 10x while we designed the life we live, now travelling the world. 


Ok so what are the steps I teach my clients now?

Honesty – you’ve got to  be honest with where you are at now and own your shit. Take full responsibility for your part. Stop expecting them to change if you aren’t willing to give what you want first. So if you want compassion and respect, are you giving it yourself and then your beloved? Like really check in with yourself.

Education – successful relationships are a skill. You have to learn them, we are not born with them. When I studied this area, particularly the differences between men and women (and don’t give me any BS that we are equal, because we are not.) we are innately different, especially in intimate relationships. We create success in very different ways. Now this is a whole book in itself . Wait, I wrote a bestseller on it. Go check it out.

Articulate – learn the art of compassionate conscious communication. Breakdown in  communication is the number one reason why marriages fail. It’s not affairs, or family difficulties. It’s the compounded effect of not being able to communicate your needs, boundaries and hear your partner’s desires that lead to the problems like affairs with most healthy couples. All humans need to feel heard and seen. The bottomline is if we feel neglected or disrespected we will fail to thrive. It’s that simple. Really.

Resolve – this is a biggy, and unless addressed, is the reason many couples argue about the same shit over and over again because they never resolve the real problem. This often stems from fear of being abandoned,failing or not being enough,usually from a childhood wound. So something that isn’t even about their beloved one. Self healing and forgiveness can be done much quicker than you think and frees up so much space to fully live life and be present and focused for your life’s purpose.

Test – now if most people complete the 4 steps above, they often forget this final but crucial step, and that is to keep trying and testing new strategies and techniques. Like a business, constantly evolving and innovating to improve outcomes. A marriage is no different. I hear people say, we went to counselling and healed everything and now we are back to square one.Well that is because if you keep doing the same you will always get the same results. Keep learning and testing new strategies. Focus on evolution and growth over a lifetime, as one of my dear mentors Melenaie Anne Layer often says.

I have come to learn that when married couples follow my ‘5 step HEART model to successful marriages’, everything changes in all areas of life at an insane pace. Now this is just a very brief tip of the iceberg , and if you like what you read then give me a follow on IG or maybe give my book a read. It’s for men but many women have read it and have been brought to tears as they see a new paradigm of possibilities for an even more outstanding and happier marriage.

Finally thank you so much for gifting me 10 mins of your attention today. It was a privilege to be with you. 


Love and respect,


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