The Secret To Finding ‘The One’

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The perfect match is available to all. And in fact, you have probably experienced the one for you many times over.

The secret to finding the one with Dimple Thakrar

I know what you are thinking how is that possible?

I thought the whole idea is that there is only one ‘the one’ hence the term ‘ one’.

Well before I go into that let me define ‘the one’ and how we attract them.

As animals, we will instinctively draw in the opposite energy we are being at that moment in time. So if we are looking desperately then we will attract someone who is non-committal. If we are super masculine we will attract a supper feminine women and vice versa.

The problem occurs when 2 things happen

  1. We are not showing up as our true authentic selves.
  2. We change from our authentic self to please them and then we become inauthentic.

Either way we end up being inauthentic and here is where we start to run into trouble.

We-vibe at an inauthentic energy and so guess what we are attracting the opposite of that inauthentic YOU! And this can shift in the same relationship.

Ever notice everything is great at the beginning and then suddenly she becomes very aggressive or he becomes very ‘wet lettuce?”

Well, that is a direct response to number 2.

Another example is when people fall in love very young and they don’t really know who they are and they constantly change so their partner feels pressure to change. This is also an example of number 2.

In summary, you can and will attract several different ‘ones’ depending on who you are and how you are showing up at that moment in time.

So the secret to attracting the one is for you to be the one for you first!

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