the quest

A FREE for NOW – Live online 10 day experience

five people

Will be hand selected for 1 to 1 coaching/healing


With Dimple clearing energy and mind blocks for abundance and love



100+ supporting each other throughout the 10 days with Quest Questions and prompts to action




Whether you are on stage being coached in the audience you will be transformed.


Tuesday the 2rd January at 8:00 pm UK time, 3pm EST. 

The Quest

Here are a few blocks that we can experience during our lifetime:

A lack of confidence to be who you truly are.
A fear of being visible and vocal and to speak your truth.
Experiencing imposter syndrome, doubting your abilities.
You feel like you don’t belong and are misaligned with your purpose.
Longstanding pain and illness that impact your life and business.
A fear of failure results in you holding back from impacting more.
A fear of achieving next-level success

I’m here to help with your Quest to live the life you deserve and desire.

You are invited to join this life-changing masterpiece while we take you on a Quest to ensure you are ready to attract, receive, and release what no longer serves you and uncover your health, wealth and happiness in 2024.