The Formula I Used to Manifest Dr. Joe Dispenza and YOU Can Use To MANIFEST LOVE and MONEY?

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This article will not only explain how to manifest but also what it is and the power of being the creator of your life not in effect.

This is for you if you believe you decide on how your life is, you decide whether you are rich or poor, successful or not.

I know what you are thinking, ‘yes Dimple.’ I do decide exactly that in certain areas of my life like my businesses or my work life but, it doesn’t seem to work in other areas like love, family, or friendships.

Well, I am about to reveal why this is the problem and what you can do about it.

Before I do I want to share a story to help you understand how you can literally create what you desire, you can move people towards you and most importantly away from you.

I recently attended an 1800 people Dr. Joe Dispenza event (if you don’t know who he is here’s the link to his bio, he is incredible) where he talked of this exact same technique I am about to share with you. He explained all the science behind it which I am not going to go into today, just the practical way to implement it. Something I have been doing for years and you will realize you have as well soon.

Manifest Love and Money

Back to the event, he had just explained how to manifest and I thought well I am a super person manifester. I literally built a 6 figure business in 6 months with no adverts or marketing through this method.

Manifesting my core 5 ideal clients.

Anyway back to the event, I sat with my beautiful hubby (who I also manifested) about two-thirds of the way from the stage. So, quite far back. Now Dr. Joe never comes that far back in the room. He usually stays in the first third of the room and the cameras pick him up on the big screens for the back of the room to see. We sat on an aisle seat and I thought to myself ok Dr. Joe, let me play with you and test your theory.

I used his methods to manifest him coming right to the back of the room and walking right past me.

Now, this would mean he would have to walk two-thirds of the way past the audience and come and walk right past me and then go all the way back, but I thought this is a great test. Let see if it works ‘tongue in cheek’ of course because I knew it would. In fact, I had no doubt.

So, I let the thought go and forgot about it. 5 minutes later Dr. Joe asked us to talk to our partners about what we had understood. I was deep in conversation with the woman next to me and didn’t even notice Dr. Joe had walked right down the outside of the room and straight past me and not only did he walk straight past me but stopped and had a full conversation with me!

Boom now this is how this works! But being the scientist I am I thought let me test this again the next day, only this time I sat on the back row and boom again he walked right to the back of the room and winked at me.

Now, how many times can you recall a story like this in your life?

And why am I laboring this story?

Well, the truth is you have been manifesting all your life. The only difference is that you were unconscious of it. See there are two types of manifesting conscious and unconscious and you my friend have manifested everything in your life the good, the bad, the ugly.

Yep, everything. When we believe that we are at cause not effect and that we are not victims of life but we actually manifest it all, that is when we have the true power and we reclaim our power.

I believe I manifested 4 miscarriages. I know that is hard to believe but I learnt so much about who I am as a woman and the strength of my marriage. We also would never have had Kiera our youngest daughter and she is our teacher! She stretches us to the beyond.

So you see we manifest everything and so the first point to understand is you don’t switch it on and off.

You are already doing it every day or every minute. Even reading this article, you manifested this information into your existence.

The second point is are you consciously or unconsciously manifesting?

How cool would it be if you could be so aware of everything you are manifesting?

So you could create the life of your dreams, with the love, success, and legacy you have not even dreamed was possible yet!

Yes, you can have it all with this formula, but you have to be willing to go all-in!

Really believe that it is possible.

There is no room for 50/50 or even 98/2. It has to be 100% which is why I asked you to think about a time in your life when you were absolutely certain that you would succeed and you did? Maybe a position in your career that was so out of reach but you knew it was yours or a girl that was way out of your league but you knew she would be yours one day. Or becoming a millionaire.

Manifest Love and Money

Now that I have your attention I am going to reveal just exactly what you have to do to manifest your dream life.

Are you ready?

This is so simple that you are going to say it doesn’t work. I want you to think about all the times you have unconsciously manifested in your life and apply this formula, then all the time’s things didn’t go to plan and see which part of the formula was missing?

I can guarantee you there was a piece missing.

Here it is:

  1. Believe it is possible 100%
  2. Think of the thought as if it is already done.
  3. Speak of it in the past tense.
  4. Feel what it feels like to have achieved it.
  5. Give gratitude and celebrate it already being done.
  6. The most important thing is to let it go, no time frame of when it will arrive and why hasn’t it.
  7. No room for doubt.
    It will arrive when you least expect it.

It is so simple, but many of us miss a step or we second guess it. Trust me you have used this formula several times unconsciously, now it’s time to be conscious.

Do let me know if you try this and what the outcome was. I love hearing your stories in the comments.

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