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Omg that hot flush I can feel it coming on shit the bed is burning me and now my hubby is just too close. I can’t breathe! This bloody sexy night! The fabric is awful. It is sticking to me. I wish I was young and sexy again.

Where is that button for the fan! Oh, there it is thank god! 

Omg, it’s freezing. Where is the duvet!

I wonder if he still fancies me with this huge roll of fat around my belly!

Where the hell did it come from?

Sound familiar?

This is/was me as I navigate Menopause. I can see why they call it the change!

Because it is a change. A huge one.

I spent months fighting it and everything about it. The cold sweats, the hot flushes every time I have a cuppa or coffee. The disbelief from my teenage daughters as I stuck my head out of the stable door in the middle of a UK winter. I could tell they were thinking why is she being a drama queen?

It can’t be that bad.

See I had been fine on hormone relief therapy until I decided it was time to go natural!

Here are some of the things I realised and learned as a menopausal woman and an expert in healing, nutrition, woo woo and relationships.

  1. When I stopped fighting the symptoms and accepted them and breathed through them feeling the discomfort, they seemed to be less and shorter-lived.
  2. The change made me really start to focus on myself and my health. It was almost like a pause to all the lifetime of taking care of everyone else. Like mother nature says it’s time to take care of you and so we will stop you in your tracks and force you to fill your cup up.
  3. Having to slow down and do things like eating healthier, drinking more water because otherwise, constipation would be so painful.
  4. Moving more and connecting with nature because it would release the weight and somehow it felt so good.
  5. Having gratitude for the gift of our incredible bodies, that have grown humans and now have been given the chance to connect with herself finally.
  6. The freedom of not giving a shit what people think compared to your 20 and 30s is exhilarating.
  7. Finally speaking your truth and not being afraid of hurting people’s feelings.
  8. It’s such a sexy time to take ownership of your feminine power and finally be you.
  9. Leading by example with my daughters and on social media – not hiding the fact that I have menopausal symptoms – giving them permission to be present with their bodies.
  10. Letting go of control. You can’t change it so you may as well go with the flow.
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