Your Core Energy is... Masculine

This means you like structure, straight to the point, short, sharp conversations. You struggle to understand why people use flowery language to state a simple point. You are very task and laser focused.

You schedule, execute and achieve in a very ‘doing’ way. You like actionable steps and get frustrated if there is not a set formula to the problem. You focus on problems and solving them in the shortest time and avoid conversation about the process unless relevant to the outcome.

80% of men’s and 20% of women’s core energy is masculine.

You enjoy routine, structure and honouring your word.

You like to feel respected and honoured. You can appreciate the arts and feminine flow but have no desire to be that. Your focus in life is protecting and providing by doing and giving in exchange for appreciation and praise.

It is important you have a daily practice or routine that includes physical activity, focused breathing, time with other core masculine people, going out of the home to work and time alone to think.

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