Your Core Energy is... Feminine

This means you love to flow in life, resisting structure and boundaries. Your journey is about ‘being’ not ‘doing’. You are most creative when you are connected to all your senses, especially in nature.

You enjoy beautiful surroundings that stimulate all your senses. Like beautiful candles, essential oils, different textured fabrics, the feel off sand on your feet as you walk across the beach…… you feeling this.

You often talk about feelings, not facts and enjoy female company.

For about 80% of women and 20% of men this is their core energy.

You should spend time in nature and not schedule your day rigidly, allowing time for your natural flow of ideas and creativity. This is when you will truly excel in life. Your focus in life is the journey not the endpoint and you embody receiving.

Hence, it is important for you to connect with other feminine energy regularly ( girls nights, coffee trips), have a place in your home that is your goddess space with all the things you love to have around you (candles, music, soft comfortable seating, spend time in nature and finally move your body daily (dancing, yoga, running in nature.)

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