Love Is Not Logical

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Love is not logical, yet we make rules to fit it in a square box. 

When he does this, you do this. When he doesn’t do that, you do this. 

A logical solution to an illogical problem. 

Think about it!

How many times have you done something in the name of love that made no sense? 

I remember my hubby when we were dating, and I lived in Edinburgh driving to me (5 hours) in the snow at 11 pm to see me on a Friday night and then leaving at 2 am on Monday to get to work. Why didn’t he just leave on Saturday morning and leave Sunday afternoon? Because love pulled him to an illogical solution. Sensibility goes out of the window. 

Why is it that Roses are the most expensive on Valentine’s day, yet people will still pay double for them?

Love is not logical. 

So why is it we are constantly asking for the formula to fix it? 

It is like using a hammer to screw a nail in the wall. 

Wrong tool for the problem. 

This is why women are often classed as illogical in relationships. And every man I know and have coached wants to see the formula to figure out women. 

Gentlemen, here it is. 

The formula you have been waiting for …

There isn’t one. Why – because just as I deliver one, it changes! Like the wind. 

It’s called life! 

We make so much noise that it has to be like this or like that, and this is a perfect romance, relationship or marriage. 

Well have you ever been out with a couple and thought I would never put up with that, or gosh, they communicate entirely differently to us. 

Does that make them wrong and you right? 

Them imperfect or your relationship terrible? 


When we take time to realise, no one model of the world is perfect. It’s like trying to crack the da Vinci code. There are so many combinations. Humans are like that! 

How you behave in one relationship may be very different in another. 

But you are the same person! 

So how is that possible? 

As we evolve, we build different coding in our bodies and souls on how we love. What meanings and values we put on love. 

Who desires our love. (Cause truly nobody thoroughly gives unconditionally – let’s not BS into thinking that is true!). 

Ok, so if we are all coded and depending on who we are matched with will bring a different set of behaviour thoughts and beliefs depending on their coding and our response to that person. And then this is a moving train because we are evolving, and growth is impacting their coding. There are so many moving parts! 

So just when you think you have nailed it. Things change, and it feels like they are throwing a spanner in the works! 

We just got sorted and now what worked before does work anymore! 

Why is that? 

Because the code that unlocked the door to their heart just changed by one digit, and you have to start all over again! 


This is why love can be so exhausting and exciting at once! 

From the moment we find the correct code and unlock the door to the heart! That split second when we nailed it! 

The perfect date. 

The perfect conversation. 

The perfect gift. 

The perfect lovemaking. 

Then bam! You do the same thing the next week, and it falls flat on your face! 

What happened? 

Well, friends, the code changed. 

This is called expansion. 

The logic behind love. 

You are very welcome!

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