Welcome to the first episode of “Beyond The Words” with your host, Dimple Thakrar. In this episode, Dimple takes us on an extraordinary journey, sharing her personal transformation from the NHS to becoming a healer, exploring the profound connection between human beings that transcends language. Join us as we delve deep into the world of energetic healing, uncovering the mysteries that lie beyond the surface.
Key Takeaways:
  • Dimple’s remarkable journey from her work in the NHS to discovering her innate healing abilities.
  • The awakening moment at a Tony Robbins event that opened her heart and led her down a path of profound healing.
  • The pivotal role of intuition and guided messages in Dimple’s healing journey, exemplified by a serendipitous encounter on Facebook Live.
  • The essence of Theta Healing and its power to access the quantum realm, where energetic connections and healing take place.
  • Unearthing and releasing deep-seated emotional and ancestral traumas through energetic healing practices.
  • Dimple’s experience in facilitating miraculous recoveries, demonstrating the transformative potential of energy work.
  • The integration of strategy and energetics in Dimple’s approach to healing, bridging the scientific and spiritual realms.
  • Exploring the duality of human existence: the logical, evidence-based understanding, and the intuitive, soul-level knowing.
  • Manifestation as a conscious creation process, and how we’re all constantly manifesting in our lives, often unconsciously.
Join us in this captivating episode as Dimple shares her wisdom, experiences, and insights into the boundless potential of energetic healing. Discover how you too can tap into the power that lies “Beyond The Words.”