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ExecutiveAlignment Coach

The hallmark of Dimple Thakrar’s Executive alignment coaching programs is the bespoke mentoring offered. Whatever your problems, she will work with you to create a roadmap that provides you with the direction to reach your ultimate purpose.

Think of this as tactical mentorship where, as Dimple says, “I give you clarity on the end point and then we reverse engineer the roadmap, relationships and results needed to create your legacy and purpose”

Dimple Thakrar Executive Alignment Coach

Currently, Dimple is offering three coaching programs exclusively open to individuals earning over $1 million. With decades of experience helping high profile clients break barriers and reach their goals building and mending relationships of all kinds for high profile clients, she understands the unique obstacles that stand in the way for those at the top of the income ladder.  

The coach-client relationship is a powerful bond that Dimple seeks to solidify from the start to guarantee that you receive the maximum benefit from her sessions. Therefore, all programs are available on an application-only basis to ensure that Dimple’s coaching style is the right fit for you. After thoroughly reviewing your application, she will decide if your chosen program aligns with your needs to prevent you from wasting your time and resources.

This IsFor You If...


The Intensive Exclusive coaching session is a 4-hour program providing you clarity on your direction and a roadmap to your purpose.


The Illuminator coaching program is for clients ready to experience an intense transformation, find true self and inner peace


The Alignment Incubator is Dimple’s most comprehensive program. Gaining direction and healing for the next stage of life, and a like-minded community

Healing Whole

Be prepared to never feel the same again. In this package, Dimple will guide you into the Quantum and so each session is bespoke to your needs.

Respected author, media commentator, BBC expert and TV spokesperson.

25 years delivering life-changing transformations for clients
Personally mentored by Tony Robbins as part of his Platinum Partners.
The go-to Executive Alignment Coach of global leaders, corporations and CEOs.