The 10 min formula on how to ask for what you need in your marriage without arguing or compromise - The Win-Win Formula!

This formula was created to reduce the stress and frustration caused by never getting what you need and not knowing how to ask without it leading to a fight.

What you get...

The exact formula on how to ask for what you want without the fight.

Step-by-step guide – Dimple literally holds your hand

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Written Guide with examples

Audio of the steps for you to listen

Lifetime access to this marriage-saving formula

The Agreement Formation Formula

The number one cause of marriage break-up is poor, stressful communication. Leading to not feeling heard, understood and respected.

How much time is wasted with the arguments and the long silences afterwards? What if you could learn a 15-minute formula that would not only virtually eliminate any frustration AND get you what you need in your marriage without compromising?

The is the WIN-WIN formula for YOU

The Simple Six Step Process will guide you through

#1 Clarity – Getting clear – sound simple right, but this is the one that causes the biggest problem and is the reason you never get what you want. Dimple guides you very quickly on how to get crystal clear.

#2 Results – Know what it will look like. Ever get that feeling that you are in the middle of a ‘discussion’ and you have totally missed the point of the conversation? This stage is vital to your success

#3 The negotiation – one of the hardest things to do is negotiate with your loved one. It gets too emotional. Dimple teaches you how to overcome emotion and create a win-win. No compromises here.

#4 The frequency – Here we get clear on how often you need to do this formula for maximum results of a significant reduction in arguments, stress and frustration.

#5 Asking for the right thing – super important – We spend way too long on asking for the trivia and not enough time asking for is the most important thing that will have the biggest impact on your marriage. Learn how to really get clear on what is worth asking for. Let’s get efficient and stop wasting time and energy.

#6 Celebrate – You will learn why you miss this step out all the time and why it is vital to the longevity of your success in your marriage.

Your Investment in you...

Conscious Communication will only be live once, so jump on this opportunity to get your questions answered in real-time with Dimple.

This could be the key to saving your current, or future relationships from turmoil.


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Who am I and why am I the right person to help you?

Hello, I am Dimple,

a best selling author and coach/healer as seen on the BBC. 

I have been married to a serial entrepreneur for 27 years and we saved our marriage from the brink of divorce. This work not only healed us but expanded our businesses to multiple 6 and 7 figure turnovers while raising 2 daughters and travelling the world. 

Let’s face it, it’s not a ‘normal’ 9-5 kinda family dynamic.

I was planning my divorce from my husband because I felt hopeless and neglected and I couldn’t see another solution. Our hearts were breaking but lack of love was not the problem. 

Lack of strategy and healing was the real problem.

7 years on and our marriage is ever evolving, not perfect but beautiful.

Here is the interesting thing – when we worked on our relationship every other area of our lives started to expand – work, children, family, travel everything moved in a direction beyond what we could recognise. 

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurial families achieve their dreams through healthy aligned relationships with themselves first and then others.

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