AboutDimple Thakrar

Dimple Thakrar has established a reputation for herself as the ‘go-to’ alignment coach for global brands, executives, corporations and CEOs, largely due to her refreshing candour and solution-oriented coaching style. If you’re looking for another ‘coach’ to tell you what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear, you’re in the wrong place!

First Hand Experience

Yes, you can call yourself an Executive  alignment coach and relationship expert after reading hundreds of books on the topic and taking an intense course. But, what differentiates an expert coach that you can align with from a coach that uses a one-size-fits-all textbook approach, is the first-hand experience. Dimple discovered her passion for alignment coaching after a long experience of hardship and heartache, where her marriage nearly fell apart. 

After 20 years of marriage, Dimple and her husband realised that love alone wasn’t enough to continue the marriage as they were merely coexisting together. Like many power couples not wanting to rock their stable family home, they decided to remain together until their children had flown the nest. They planned to divorce on their 25th wedding anniversary – yes, that would have been their anniversary gift to each other.

Somewhere between making that decision and D-Day (Divorce Day), Dimple realised that tearing apart her family wasn’t the only option. Having spent her career cultivating and nurturing all types of relationships, she knew she could resurrect her marriage.

Thus began a 5-year global journey of seeking out the very best relationship tools from the most renowned experts in the field. This search culminated with Dimple being mentored by Tony Robbins, travelling the world as one of his platinum partners, and receiving a profound 1-2-1 intervention.

During this process they both realised that when they invested daily into their relationships a surprise phenomenon occurred… 

Every aspect of their lives thrived, their marriage, their intimacy, their children and most surprisingly their businesses. Productivity went up by at least 80% in all aspects of their lives effortlessly, leading them to celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary in August 2021.


Before dedicating her life to alignment coaching, Dimple built a varied career out of her people skills and unique ability to connect with people. For 25 years, she served as a respected NHS clinician across multiple health sectors, including top-level Neuro Rehab management and helping people about to lose their loved ones. Helping people at their most vulnerable moments has provided her with a unique insight into the anatomy of a resilient mindset and healthy relationship. 

She later translated her skills into a policy environment after being appointed as a strategic adviser on policy and implementation to the European Federation. Her ability to objectively analyse situations and form effective solutions helped her thrive within this environment. With her intolerance for false praise and half-truths, coupled with a respected career, she has drawn a wide range of clients with diverse problems. These clients range from CEOs seeking help in handling corporate relationships to families lacking fulfilment.  

Dimple Thakrar Executive Alignment Coach
Dimple Thakrar Executive Alignment Coach


Ever the optimist, Dimple’s philosophy is one of achieving abundance by maximising one’s potential, best described by the law of attraction. The law of attraction holds that your thoughts determine your reality. If you fill your mind up with negativity, you will become more prone to being in negative relationships and situations; set your mind on positive goals, and you will manifest them in your life. Please note this is not your typical ‘woo-woo’ nonsense, Dimple uses real strategy, with real results that teaches you how to be your own manifesting master in no time. 

Our mind is a powerful tool, but it is also a malleable tool. Negative attitudes contribute to many people giving up on themselves, believing that positive attitudes are a gift of nature.  In reality, cultivating a positive and abundance-attracting mindset takes practice. 

A profound practice you will encounter in Dimple’s coaching programs is theta healing, a powerful technique used to release lifetime emotional blocks and transform people’s lives in unimaginable ways for decades. Theta healing revolves around the theory of quantum physics, an established science that proves we are beings made up of energy. By aligning your thoughts with the abundant life you wish to create, theta healing reforms your subconscious mind through healing energy to rewrite your beliefs and traumatic experiences from this life and past lives.

Personal Development

The reason Dimple works with high-achievers boil down to one key reason: she can trust that they are committed to personal development. No one rises to the top without deliberately setting aside resources to invest in their growth. Just as we need food to survive, we need purposeful self-improvement to thrive in our personal lives and professional careers. Personal development has to be a part of who you are. 

Always putting her money where her mouth is, Dimple continuously works on being the best version of herself. In fact, she invests as much as £500,000.00  per year to work on herself, her relationships, and her career. She continues to enrol in courses and research new ideas to help her be the best alignment coach for her clients.

Ready to add relationships into the areas of life that you're winning in?