Congratulations and Welcome
to your 8 Weeks From Pain To Passion Programme

To take you from totally confused about how to communicate with the opposite sex to real, immediate, implantable relationship hacks in
8 weeks.

Housekeeping next:
  1. You will received an email confirmation as soon as your content is available to you, which will be as soon as all students have enrolled and the doors are closed.
  2. Request to join the Facebook Group where the live weekly Q&A Sessions will be held once the programme commences – You will receive email confirmation of when this will be and when you will be accepted into the group
  3.  Keep a close eye on your email inbox for further notifications and updates.
How to Prepare For your Sessions:
  1. Allow 30-60 mins per session – the recorded sessions are upt0 30 minutes long but also allow yourself further integration and processing time afterwards. 
  2. Be in a place where you are comfortable and will not be disturbed.
  3. Ensure you are well hydrated. Water is the main conductor of energy in our bodies and aids concentration.