10 Steps On How To Make The Wife Happy For CEO’s/Entrepreneurs

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These steps are for male entrepreneurs and successful CEOs who have struggled to keep their women happy once they get into long-term relationships and marriages.

Top 10 tips to make the wife happy for CEOs

There is still love there but communication and connection is poor.

If you want to learn how to reconnect, feel respected, and be seen by your women then follow these steps and I guarantee things in your marriage will do a 360!

Are you ready?

  1. You must do everything in this list and not delegate or automate it. Your effort and consistency is the most powerful thing here and will shift the needle.
  2. Make decisions from your gut and follow-through, even if she says she wants something different. Stand firm she is testing you.
  3. When she speaks, look at her. Do not try to multitask. She will feel it.
  4. When she has finished speaking, even if you don’t agree with her point of view, acknowledge her point of view and MOST IMPORTANTLY her ‘feelings’.
  5. Send her texts every few hours or little notes letting her know you are thinking about her, not about functional things.
  6. Do something romantic each week, for example, come home early and put the kids to bed, cook her a meal or run her a bath with candles and rose petals.
  7. Don’t interrupt her or rush her when she is speaking. Women use 4 times more words than men. Instead, be in a mind of curiosity, your job is to discover how she is feeling.
  8. If she is telling you you have ‘upset her’ even if the thing you did, you didn’t think was upsetting – apologizing for upsetting her (or hurting her feelings) without trying to justify your position will be the game-changer. In fact, she will probably apologize once she has felt your sincere apology (remember it’s not meant to be logical).
  9. When you see each other first thing in the morning, and when you leave each other make a point of kissing her, a 10-second glare in her eyes, and tell her you love her. Every time. Make it a ritual.
  10. Remember to laugh with her daily over nothing.

This is the success formula for winning women back. Do this daily for one month and if she doesn’t respond she is not the one.

Please note she will fight back. She will resist you. This is her way of testing you mean it? If you actually are strong enough to slay the dragon for her! If you can tolerate her tests. You want her to test you! That is the challenge and dance. That is how you grow.

Remember, it’s not day one of training biceps that create the muscle, it’s the consistent daily effort and commitment that that last rep is the one that builds the muscle.

The test is not a criticism but simply a challenge.

Are you man enough to rise to the challenge?

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