Dimple Thakrar

Executive Alignment Coach for individuals and couples

Manifest your personal and professional goals with renowned executive alignment coach, Dimple Thakrar 

If you’re looking for therapy or counselling, Dimple’s coaching programs are not for you. They are for high-earners wanting rapid transformations by manifesting the pleasures that money can’t buy.

Respected author, media commentator, BBC expert and TV spokesperson.

25 years delivering life-changing transformations for clients
Personally mentored by Tony Robbins as part of his Platinum Partners.
The go-to Executive Alignment Coach of global leaders, corporations and CEOs.

Meet Dimple

Dimple Thakrar is one of the world’s leading Executive Alignment coaches. She is renowned for her unique multidisciplinary approach to helping clients navigate hard times, complicated relationships, and emotional blocks while creating an enduring and lasting legacy. 

Her refreshingly honest coaching style has attracted a wide range of high profile clients, including executives, corporations, and CEOs. Always driven by a challenge, she exclusively works with individuals earning over £1 million to surpass their limitations and reach new heights of success.

Having worked as a strategic adviser on policy and implementation for the European Federation, Dimple has earned a global reputation as an expert, author, and media contributor. 

Working with executives earning in excess of £1 million, she has helped thousands of individuals achieve fulfilment and happiness in their personal and business lives. Dimple’s coaching programs will provide you with the pleasures that money can’t buy: clarity, confidence, legacy planning, happiness, and true connection. 

Executive Alignment Coaching

True success, peace, and freedom hinges on the quality of our relationships with ourselves and those around us. When you’re at the top of your career, you face immense pressure to make the right decisions, take the right actions, and create a legacy that reflects your success. To do so requires clarity of purpose, peace of mind, and fruitful relationships. 

With the right tools, 70% of people can attain this state of fulfilment and create relationships that tangibly enrich their lives and others. Dimple uses proven techniques and an effective coaching style to deliver her highly sought after coaching programs. Commended for her direct approach, she encourages clients to take off their rose-tinted glasses and examine their lives as they are – the good, the bad, and the ugly. 

Confusion, lack of clarity, and relationship issues are some of the many problems that hinder highly successful individuals that have risen to the top of their industries from breaking more barriers.  Dimple shows her clients how to overcome these obstacles quickly and with ease. 

With Dimple’s coaching programs, you will: 

  • Gain clarity on your purpose, identify the right opportunities that come your way, and manifest your goals with confidence  
  • Achieve up to an 80% increase in productivity by creating harmonious relationships and mending broken ones 
  • Map out a legacy that frees you from worry, fear, and regret about the future
  • Match your external success with internal fulfillment by building meaningful relationships
  • Learn how to evaluate your progress with measurable metrics 

Dimple’s methods are unparalleled, and the proof is in the truly exceptional results she has achieved. With her help, her clients have: 

Dimple uses her own bespoke methodology helping her clients to achieve their impossible goals in quantum time. With an innate understanding of: